About Corporate Christmas Ecards

CorporateChristmasEcards.com is a collaboration of designers and web professionals who've been designing and creating corporate eCards for over 8 years. Experienced in designing custom eCard animations and illustrations, we found that the demand for more affordable, template-based eCards was increasing each year so CorporateChristmasEcards.com was created in response to this.

Simplifying the process

We understand the confusion customers have in trying to understand and use complex online systems, credit counts and recipient lists... so we've made the process very easy.

One Simple Price US$379 - Unlimited Use - Easy!

Keeping the process as simple as possible is our ongoing aim. There are no confusing credits or viewing restrictions and best of all, we offer one simple price of US$379 with unlimited use and distribution.

Diversified catalogue

Whether you’re seeking a traditional Christmas design, Christian nativity, happy holidays or generic corporate greetings, our catalogue of corporate eCards contains a diversified mix of themes, perfect for your requirements.

High exposure for your brand

Everyone is able to view our eCards whether they're on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device including iPhones and iPads. Our eCards are contained within an HTML email so there are no Flash animations, video files or external links. Your HTML eCard will receive a higher number of views than any eCard relying on an external link, offering a higher ROI and great exposure for your business.

Flexibility and unlimited usage

Once you have received your completed eCard (containing your company logo and personalized greeting) you can send it out to as many recipients as you like. There are no restrictions on the number of people you send it to and there are no limits to how many times you use your eCard.

Sending out your eCards

Our eCards are designed to be used by you or your staff members utilizing your standard email program (eg. Outlook). Our eCards can easily be sent using any commercial email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Campaign Manager, Vision6 and so on. When we deliver your completed eCard containing your logo and greeting, we will provide simple instructions for usage to ensure you have all the information you need.

If you don't want to take care of your email blast yourself then we can organise it for you. All eCards we send can be personalized “Dear Name" and blasted out in one batch to all of your recipients. The email will be sent from your own email address so any replies or bounces will be sent directly to you. The cost for this service is US$150.00 setup + US$0.04 per email sent.

We are committed to offering a large selection of creative Christmas eCards while providing the most professional, versatile & cost effective corporate eCard solution for businesses worldwide.

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