Corporate eCards FAQs

Yes. Our eCards work in any computer or hand held device that can read HTML email messages (and let’s face it 99.9% do!). There are no Flash animations so you have no need to worry about who won't be able to view your corporate eCard.
The cost for all eCards is US$379.00. One simple price and unlimited use. Too easy!
Once you've paid US$379.00 and have received your completed eCard you can send it out to as many recipients as you like. There are no restrictions on the number of people you send it to. There are no confusing credits and definitely no limits to how often you use your eCard.
Yes. The cost for the eCard is for unlimited use. This means that you can send it to as many people as you'd like this year, next year and the following year if you want to!
Once we receive your enquiry, we'll send you an invoice and request your company logo and eCard greeting. Upon receipt of payment we'll provide you with your completed eCard for approval together with instructions on how to send your eCard out. It's that simple! Don't forget that you can edit the eCard greeting yourself prior to sending out your eCard.
We accept all file formats for your logo. EPS, JPG and PNG files are preferred but we're happy to receive whatever file format you have available.
Our eCards are designed to be used by you or your staff members utilizing your standard email program (eg: Outlook). Our eCards can easily be sent using any commercial email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Campaign Manager, Vision6 and so on. When we deliver your completed eCard containing your logo and greeting, we will provide simple instructions for usage to ensure you have all the information you need.
Yes. You can update and personalize the greeting in each and every eCard if you'd like to. This offers a personal touch and is always appreciated by recipients.
We can take care of your email blast if you don't want to do it yourself. All eCards we send can be personalized “Dear " and blasted out in one batch to all of your recipients. The email will still come from your email address so any replies or bounces will be sent directly to you. The cost for this service is US$150.00 setup + US$0.04 per email sent.
Yes. We can provide customization to our eCards such as integrating your own photo or image. Send through your requirements to with your instructions and we’ll provide you with a quote.
The simple answer is ALL countries!
We can set up your eCard greeting in any language. Simply send us your greeting in the language required and we will add it to your eCard. Our corporate Christmas eCards are 100% multilingual!
If you require multiple versions of the same eCard (or alternative eCards) for different brands in your company then we are able to offer a cost-effective solution.

Each additional eCard you order is charged at HALF PRICE of the original full priced eCard. For example:
eCard original = US$379.00
eCard version 2 = US$190.00
eCard version 3 = US$190.00

This represents fantastic value!
We have been designing and developing eCards for businesses worldwide for over 8 years and it is with this knowledge and experience that we are able to offer such high quality and cost-effective eCards.

Our collection of emailable corporate Christmas eCards enable businesses an affordable solution for easily sending Christmas and happy holiday e-greetings to their clients.

Ordering your corporate eCard is easy

Simply write down the title of your chosen eCard and let us know!